The biggest thing i noticed from the year of preparation is how much work the children have to do. This is an already difficult year at school with extra homework and then they have tutor lessons and the addition workload that comes with that so please try to make some special time each week where your child can relax and just be a child.
I always told my child that should she not pass the entrance exams then that in no way meant that she was a failure;  we are lucky enough to have fantastic schools in Trafford with excellent results and she would succeed wherever she went.
Never be tempted to “help” your child by doing their 11+ work with them and correcting their work as this normally means the tutor gets a skewed view of their ability and may move on when in fact, the child is not ready.

Its a fine line between encouragement and pressure – try and remember what you were like at 10 and how you would have felt as it is very easy to get caught up in the frenzy that is “my child must get in to …”.

Jo C.