Brendan Newell

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Brendan Newell
Brendan is one of the directors of Newell Tuition and in his time as a tutor has helped hundreds of children prepare for their entrance exams.

Brendan graduated from the University of Bradford in 2002 having obtained a B.Sc. in Cybernetics with Virtual Worlds. After spending some years working in I.T. developing and supporting Europe wide systems, Brendan became involved in the training aspect of his work. The satisfaction Brendan got from this work inspired him to train as a tutor for primary school children. He became a full time tutor in 2010 and enjoys his role of teaching enormously.

Outside of work, Brendan is a keen tabletop gamer. Raised on chess by his dad, he now enjoys euro games and miniature games for their deep strategy.

Euro games tend to stay away from random elements such as dice and often all players will start on an even footing to ensure that only the player can determine their outcome. Miniature games tend to give different players strengths in different areas and usually use dice to to simulate the more random feel of battle.

Alongside miniature gaming, Brendan also enjoys the more creative side of the hobby. Many miniature games come with unpainted figures that the player paints themselves. Each figure can take hours to paint and a full army can often be made up of hundreds of figures!

In addition, Brendan sometimes makes custom pieces for his games from fimo which is a bit like plasticine but is baked in the oven to harden.

Brendan Newell