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Nate graduated with a combined honours degree in Scandinavian Studies and German. He wrote his dissertation on the changing face of young people’s literature from the 18th Century to the present day. Nate describes this as the perfect excuse to read amazing books and add to his personal library! Nate’s passion for languages and linguistics led him to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the highest level possible.
N.L.P. investigates the interaction between thoughts, actions and emotions, providing a toolkit that enables us to explore different ways of learning. He firmly believes that learning should be fun and that each person has his/her preferred learning style. N.L.P. has enabled him to follow his other passion – travel – taking him to mainland Europe, Saudi Arabia, the U.S.A. and – of course, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Having travelled widely and lived in different countries, Nate now stays in the U.K. with his dogs. He can be found wandering the grounds of stately homes and or next to any body of water – especially waterfalls. When he is not indulging himself in movies, Nate proofreads and edits articles and books for fun! His lifelong passion for Young People’s literature continues.
Nate Nicholson